Historical Perspective

Network Research Group (NNRG) was established in 1999 by Dr. S. M. Hassan Zaidi. NNRG promotes education, research and outreach in the field of computer networks, and ultra-high speed data communications including photonics/wireless communications. Faculty members and students work in synergy to explore the problems in the application areas like network security, network programming, network protocols, data communication, wireless networks, sensor networks, and photonic networks. Its mission is to prepare the next-generation of researchers and developers in these areas by investigating challenging, high-impact research projects and building production-quality systems. It aims to represent a complementary mix of both theoretical and applied experimental research. NNRG will also organize and handle activities related to computer networks to increase students' awareness in the field of networking and cultivate an interest in this field.



Lab Facilities

The Network Research Lab. at SEECS has state of the art equipment for the research projects. The equipment includes


  • LAN with over 160 networked workstations and servers
  • 1 Cisco 2600 Series Router, and 5 Cisco 1700 Series Routers
  • Stackable Hubs and Switches
  • 4 MB dedicated connectivity to Internet


  • Simulators: Optsim, NS-2, Matlab
  • VRVS video conferencing facility
  • OS: Linux (Red Hat), Win2000 /NT/98
  • Firewall: Winroute Pro , MS Proxy WinGate, Cisco IOS
  • Packet Generator: Sock, PackGen
  • Traffic capturing tools: TCPdump, WINdump, Ksnuffle
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